Sunday, June 29, 2014

LIHS Annual Auction

Well folks, it looks like we are still in business as the LIHS. We raked in about $860.00 at our annual auction earlier this month. Since our treasurer Rich H said that was very good, I am imagining we have enough in the treasury to carry out LIHS functions as usual next year. I consider us lucky since the attendance at the auction seemed less than normal to me and since it appeared as if herps were not getting many bids if any depending on the item offered for bidding. Oh well, what do I know? Of course, the answer to that must be, as usual: "Next to nothing"! The rest of the story in pictures and captions.

Our supreme leader and his very competent assistants commence the auction.

One of the assistants, now a seemingly an erstwhile one, is noticeably
missing as this Texas Rat Snake goes up for bidding. Note the sparkle
in its eye, like it expected to latch onto Rich Meyer's finger but
the snake was disappointed cause Rich M was not there.
As you can see, the bidding audience was not huge but that lady, (in pink,
over to your left - second row from front) must have had lots of cash since
she was bidding like there was no tomorrow and the place was on fire.
What we lacked in numbers, the bidders made up with enthusiasm.


I had promised myself to only donate herps so I could get rid of them, instead
of buying more of them. It is amazing, I cannot even keep promises that I 
make to myself and I wound up taking these two baby corn snakes home
 along with a ball python someone gave to the LIHS.

I also had the high bid on this wonderful device that
for some reason I thought would be great in my 40
foot wide backyard. Anyone have a large yard and
a medium sized dog that needs this, let me know.
If you were not there, you missed out on some really great items up for sale and we missed you. Hope to see you all at the auction next year.

Remember the next LIHS general meeting will be in September 2014. It has not yet been scheduled but you can check on the LIHS website, maybe in late August and hopefully the info will be up by then.

All the best,
Glenn B

Expert Snake Handler

Here we have a fine example of an Expert Snake Handler giving his best impersonation of an expert snake handler:

Thanks to Deb H for sending me this.

All the best,
Glenn B