Sunday, May 3, 2015

LIHS Meeting May 3, 2015

The LIHS's monthly meeting was held today and it was a good one. There was a very interesting presentation on Indigo & Cribo snakes (genus Drymarchon) given by speakers Andrew Fedoriw and Alan Brutosky. It was a very interesting about the care and breeding of those snakes. Tara F should be posting photos to the LIHS FB page sometime in the future. If you want to get some info about the genus Drymarchon, go here:, that is the website of the speakers.

As for the bearded dragon that I was offering for adoption, that I mentioned in an earlier post, it went to Chris M at the meeting today. He made a generous donation to the LIHS and walked away with a nice male bearded dragon.

Remember that the LIHS annual auction will be held at next month general meeting on June 7th in the Conference Center at SUNY Farmingdale, here is a link to a PDF auction flier and links to more info and directions can be found here. As usual, the meeting and auction are open to the public, there is not an admission charge.

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Glenn B

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